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For ZIMSEC ECD A to A' LEVEL syllabi in line with the UPDATED CURRICULUM.

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Grade 1

Grade 2

Primary Infant and Junior Courses.

Grade 3

Grade 5

Grade 7

Grade 4

Grade 6

Primary ICT

Form 1 - A' Level 

Only seasoned, expert learning area facilitators have been engaged illustrate the different methodologies used in solving problems in different learning areas. Also, effort has been made to engage different stakeholders in ensuring that all areas of concern to the Zimsec syllabi has been addressed.

With MY-ECLASS  as a your studying partner the room for examination failure is effectively closed

Welcome to our Secondary Level Courses

All learning areas inside each course (grade level).

Secondary level courses.

Challenges in tackling syllabi content has given rise to guardians incurring huge expenses arranging for informal lessons outside normal learning hours .

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Forget the hustle, risks and expenses  associated   with private physical lessons. Take charge of your child's learning process. Be MY-ECLASS partner right away.  

Form 1

Form 3

Form 5

Form 2

Form 4

Form 6

Education is a universal right. We endevour to challenge inequality among learners. 

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Our goal is to have equality in accessing quality education. 

Geography and societal status should no longer be a divide where education is concerned.  

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